Mobile Apps


We are specialising in efficient cross-platform native apps development. Applications that require sophisticated, 3D visual content are developed in Unity, while more traditional UI-heavy apps are done in React Native.


Unity is the leading Game Development platform, but it is also perfect for developing native mobile apps that provide 2D and 3D interactions. We have years long experience in delivering such apps across iOS and Android platforms, while ensuring a single, coherent stream of work.

Such approach not only optimises cost and time, but also facilitates visual and functional consistency across platforms.

React Native

React Native is amazing for another reason. It allows to use the same technologies for native mobile apps development as are used for modern web. Contrary to old approaches that were packaging HTML5 websites into UI-less mobile apps, resulting in poor performance, React Native utilises actual native components of each operating system - iOS and Android respectively.

Regardless of the technology chosen, cross-platform mobile apps development ensures optimised cost, time and reduced risk of platform-specific bugs.

Explore our mobile apps projects below:

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Samsung: Augmented Reality Spacesuit

The augmented reality spacesuit worked by capturing a live video feed of the user’s face, and projecting it onto a 3D model of a human head inside the helmet. Using a HQ webcam we captured the user’s image, extracted it using face-tracking technology and applied it onto a 3D mesh from Kinect.