The Company

Le Polish Bureau is a UNIT9 Company. We are a team of 30+ talented developers, creatives, and project managers with direct access to the Group's pool of 100+ specialists. We have been helping deliver some of the world's biggest creative projects in the area of cutting-edge web, mobile, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning since 2010.

We partner with startups, agencies and corporate clients, sharing our decade-long expertise in technology.

Awards and


Our projects have won over 30 awards with FWA, Cannes Lions, Emmys and OneShow statues on our shelves.

These are just numbers, but they represent the amount of love, craft, skill and creativity that goes into every project that we undertake.






Our Team

The key to every creation are the minds behind it and our projects are the brainchildren of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Please meet the leadership team, engineers and creatives working behind the scenes...

Maciej Zasada

Founding Partner, Technical Director

A TEDx speaker and a jury member at FWA. Armed with a Master’s degree in Informatics and Stanford certificate in Machine Learning. A Tech Lead on "Star Wars: Lightsaber Escape" and Emmy winning dual screen Chrome Experiment "Just a Reflektor" amongst many others, Maciej has been running Le Polish Bureau now for over a decade.

Jakub Brzózka

Partnerships Manager

Jakub has been working in the advertising industry since 2008 and is responsible for UNIT9’s marketing strategy: planning and execution, events, social media, and PR. Initiator and co-organizer of both UNIT9 VR Challenge, the first virtual and augmented reality festival in Poland, and UNIT9 SWAG - a series of meetings devoted to technology in mass culture. Member of the Polish Public Relations Association and FWA Judge.

Jakub Jakubowski

Game Director

Wearing out his Atari 2600, NES and PSX by playing since he was old enough to handle a controller, it’s fair to say that JJ lives and breathes gaming. His creative talent, technical knowledge, Masters in Computer Graphics and all-round gamer madness create an arsenal that helps craft next-level experiences. Among other projects, Jakub helmed the crypto-puzzle challenge OnePlus Crackables, launched the gamified JFK Moonshot AR documentary into space and brought Smurfs to your house on HoloLens.

Karol Góreczny

Head of Design

Multidisciplinary Art Director and Designer. FWA Judge. Karol started his career at Saatchi&Saatchi in 2010. He joined UNIT9 in 2013 in London where he worked for brands like Bentley, Google, Nike, Adidas, Nissan, Fendi or Sony Pictures. 2012 Young Lions Design winner and Polish representative at Cannes Lions. Winner of FWA, Awwwards, One Show, Webby Awards and KTR. His works have been featured in magazines and during the OFFF Festival in Barcelona.

Iwona Marciniak

Operations Manager

A graduate of Human Resources Management at the University of Lodz. Iwona joined Le PB back in 2015 as an office manager. She has since been responsible for handling all internal processes, including accountancy, HR and legal, effectively becoming Operations Manager. She loves nature, books and chocolate.

Damian Drewulski

Production Coordinator

Damian coordinates the entire production pipeline - from initial briefs to deployment. He is a graduate of Radiocommunication and multimedia technologies at Warsaw University of Technology and has experience in every aspect of digital production processes - from development to project management, product ownership, delivery management and business analysis.

Edyta Andrzejczak

Talent Acquisition Specialist

A doctoral studies graduate of Sociology and European Studies at Lodz and Lisbon Universities, Edyta joined Le Polish Bureau and the UNIT9 Group in 2018 as HR Assistant. Since then she has devised and implemented the company's recruitment processes, eventually transitioning to Talent Acquisition Specialist in 2019. Besides helping people find an exciting job, Edyta loves exploring different cultures, travel, modern art, photography and psychology as well as healthy cuisine.

  • 3D Artist


  • Animator


  • Art Director


  • Art Director


  • Graphic Designer


  • Graphic Designer


  • Graphic Designer


  • Graphic Designer


  • Graphic Designer


  • Interactive Developer


  • Machine Learning Engineer


  • Marketing Assistant


  • Office Manager


  • Project Management Lead


  • Project Manager


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • React Developer


  • System Architect


  • Tech Lead


  • Unity Developer



We are always looking for great talent to join our ever expanding team. We offer permanent positions as well as freelance gigs. We hire seniors, juniors and interns, both local and remote.

Currently open positions:

  • Technical Lead (web, React, TypeScript)
  • Back End Developer (Node.js / Python, GCP, AWS)
  • Digital Project Manager
  • PlayCanvas Developer
  • React / React Native Developer
  • Software Development Intern (React / Node.js / Python / Unity)

Reach out to us and let's get talking!


Le Polish Bureau HQ Office:
Gdańska 130
90-520 Łódź, Poland

Be it a job inquiry or just a random question, we're always happy to hear from you. We consider privacy a top priority, so if you'd like to share ideas or documents with us, we will make sure they remain confidential. Naturally, we are happy to sign NDAs first too.

Warsaw Office:
Huculska 6
00-730 Warsaw, Poland