Cloud Computing


We build cloud infrastructures for existing and for new projects. This includes RESTful APIs, CMSes, full back end infrastructures, game servers, real-time services, or server-side data processing, video rendering or Machine Learning.


When it comes to scalability and performance, we trust the leaders. All our solutions are based on Google Cloud. Back end infrastructures hosted on Google provide auto-scaling. This means that no matter how many visitors or users you have, the infrastructure will handle that. You don't have to worry about temporary spikes either. What's more, it results in cost optimisation as well, as the platform stops unused resources whenever there is downtime.

Our solutions involve producs like:

  • Google App Engine
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud Datastore
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Storage


We also have a proven path to delivering state-of-the-art, customisable CMSes for your products developed on top of Strapi. Strapi is an open source CMS providing a modern architecture. It has recently received massive funding and is a product to stay with us for years. All our solutions are completely agnostic of the front end layer of your application. This means that if you ever wish to update or completely re-build the visual side of your project, you will never have to touch the data or the CMS in order to accommodate.

The data stored in our CMSes is available to your application through RESTful and GraphQL APIs.

Real-time solutions

We also develop custom real-time back ends tailored for games or collaborative online apps. They are based on WebRTC and WebSocket technologies, which allow your users to exchange multiple data packets per second, avoiding typical latency inevitable with HTTP requests.

A great example of that could be the back end powering Start Wars: Lightsaber Escape, which handled millions of players, each using two devices at the same time, where each pair of their devices was exchanging 20 data packets per second.

See our case studies below:

Case Study

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