Superunion: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li

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“We pushed the limits of what is possible on mobile web browsers, while keeping the experience fun and easy to use. A difficult but essential art.” Maciej Zasada, Le Polish Bureau Managing Director.


Our team partnered with Superunion Agency to create an immersive digital experience to celebrate the artistic and cultural heritage of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, an iconic hospitality and retail destination in Chengdu, China.


The Temple was created in collaboration with a team of international artists and launched on WeChat as a virtual gallery and exhibition space to showcase their curated products, experiences, and works. It combines motion design, technology, and artistic expression to engage global audiences in a cutting-edge and innovative brand experience. It is designed to be a sanctuary for digital arts and self-expression, a place for infinite imagination and creativity, inspired by the ancient Daci Temple.

It is divided into three distinct areas: The House of Light, The Blossom Garden and The Infinity Tower.

The different rooms within The Temple offer interactive experiences inspired by the rituals of the Daci Temple, including the release of a koi, interactive singing bowls, and water meditation.

The idea of a spiritual home outside the boundaries of time and space inspires its creative concept. The Temple's design incorporates digital art elements influenced by surrealism and invites visitors to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation through its use of color, texture, and form.


The main challenge was to create motion graphics easily accessible on any device, while maintaining an extremely interactive and immersive journey on the mobile web, including custom level-loading mechanisms to manage memory consumption and optimization of game and physics logic for better performance. We also implemented a screenshot functionality, that was created in Next.js. It integrates with our canvas where all experience goes. We have adjusted all covers for screenshots and connected both sites into one image on the frontend site.

We created this experience as an HTML5 microsite using WebGL, a plugin-free technology that allows for the creation of stunning 3D visuals within a browser. The art directory, UI design, and 3D design were also on our side for all the spaces.


The challenge was to design a digital platform to showcase the contemporary experiences of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li and celebrate its cultural heritage and unrivalled reputation as a patron and collector of the arts. Inspired by this vision, we created The Temple, an immersive virtual experience and digital art space.