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Superunion approached us with a collaboration to create a new and completely redesigned global company website -

The project was launched in July 2022 across several markets: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and China.


Superunion wanted to combine cutting-edge creativity with ease of use. This ambition is best demonstrated on the landing page which is visually divided into two parts - one being dedicated to organised information consumption, and the other one, a.k.a. "the dark side", to organic exploration.


The website remains clean, quick, and easy to navigate, while rewarding the user with omnipresent micro-interactions and UI animations.


The entire website is made of modules - each developed in isolation using Storybook. The entire project consists of over 100 of those individually tested, responsive units.


A global agency website requires ultimate customisability and control. We implemented a bespoke CMS solution based on Strapi that allows our client to not only modify the content of existing pages, but also create completely new ones, as well as localise the content into multiple languages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our technical team has designed the architecture of the website with SEO in mind. Using Next.js with Server-Side Rendering (SSR), incremental static regeneration, and best HTML practices allowed us to achieve an unprecedented SEO score of 100%.


Our DevOps team has provided a state of the art auto-scaling hosting solution based on Google Cloud Platform that is capable of sustaining any traffic. Clever technical architecture where the data from the CMS is fetched at a constant-interval server-side and rendered into a static version of the website decouples traffic from CMS and database load, resulting in drastic hosting cost reduction.

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