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“Giro d’Italia is more than racing. It’s a fascinating journey through the years with its history, symbols, champions, and traditions” Alina Shramko, Project Manager


To celebrate Giro d’Italia - Italy’s premier cycling competition, Le Polish Bureau created the Metagiro, a groundbreaking digital hub built within the metaverse. Launched in alignment with the 106th Giro d'Italia, Metagiro offered an unparalleled digital platform for fans to immerse themselves in the event's essence.


Our mission was to translate the excitement of the 2023 Giro d'Italia into a captivating metaverse experience. To achieve this, we transformed all race details into metaverse, ensuring that fans could easily navigate and engage within the metaverse interface. Metagiro evolved beyond a simple informational platform, it became an interactive gateway, enabling users to explore the Giro d'Italia's rich history together with the details of the 2023 race. The platform was transformed into a dynamic space with information and entertainment, offering fans a deeply engaging and informative experience.

But what truly set Metagiro apart was its distinctive atmosphere. Users were immersed in a unique atmosphere of a typical Italian village perched atop a hill, complete with a realistic day-night cycle and futuristic technological elements. This unique aesthetic drew users in and created a memorable experience.

The doors to Metagiro were opened with the start of the actual cycling competition. Users were able to visit the virtual environment to get information on the race stages and discover extraordinary 3D reproductions of the Trofeo Senza Fine (trophy awarded to the winner of the Giro d'Italia), the Maglia Rosa (the iconic symbol worn by the leader of the general classification in the Giro d'Italia) and other symbolic jerseys. While discovering the jerseys, fans were also able to click directly through to an online store, allowing them to purchase official Giro d'Italia jerseys or race related NFTs.


For Metagiro's truly immersive metaverse experience, PlayCanvas emerged as the ideal platform. Its potent combination of WebGL, HTML5, and JavaScript, along with a user-friendly editor, fostered seamless collaboration between our development and 3D design teams. This streamlined process was key in bringing the virtual world of Metagiro to life.


  • Core Functionality: In a short timeframe, we built the essential elements for future metaverse projects: first-person player controls, camera movements for product interaction, mobile experience controls, and a robust technical infrastructure. This core allows future projects to seamlessly integrate with each other.

  • Project-Specific Enhancements: On top of this core foundation, we layered the specific functionalities and aesthetics required for Metagiro. This included special post-processing effects, brand assets, and features specific to the Giro d'Italia experience.

  • Data Visualization: Metagiro wasn't just visually appealing, it was informative. We implemented dynamic modals and carousels to allow users to engage with the data in a rich and engaging way.

  • Unified User Interface: For a truly immersive experience, we integrated React into the app. This ensured a seamless user interface that blended perfectly with the 3D world, making users feel truly present within Metagiro. React handles the dynamic UI elements, while PlayCanvas powers the interactive 3D environment, resulting in a cohesive and user-friendly experience.


  • WebGL
  • PlayCanvas
  • Blender
  • Google Cloud Platform


Metagiro addressed the Giro d'Italia's desire to expand its digital presence and engage a broader audience. By offering an immersive and informative experience, Le Polish Bureau captivated user interest and provided a deeper and more interactive connection for fans.