Lexus Takumi

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Lexus Takumi is an interactive film experience that gives audiences the chance to discover the dedication and endurance of putting in 60,000 hours of work to achieve true mastery of a skill.

The execution

We used React, Redux, Immutable, PixiJS and HLS to build a unique video player that showcases the hard work of four Takumi at various stages in their mastery. We had to ensure that the architecture is flexible enough to support localised content, localised copy and visual assets, while delivering top-notch performance. The front end utilised modern CSS3 transitions as well as hardware-accelerated canvas graphics to deliver dynamic visuals at a high and smooth frame rate.

Even more interestingly, we had to develop an entirely custom video playback logic to support the 60,000 hour long video content. A combination of streaming, intelligent buffering and transition effects came to the rescue.

In a world where technology, artificial intelligence, and automation threaten to outperform humans, viewers were reminded that master craftsmen are more valuable than ever.

Experience the technical craft yourself:

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