Google: Search Sounds

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Google wanted to celebrate the diversity of young Germans and the unexpected discoveries they make while searching for information. So, in partnership with UNIT9, we created Google Search Sounds, a mobile experiment that visualises a mix of trending search terms and topics in Germany, in a way that’s never been done before.

The execution

We developed the microsite in React. Powered by a lot of CSS transitions as well as SVG animations, we achieved a smooth and highly interactive experience that performs flawlessly on mobile devices.

Video rendering

Much like the unexpected information we learn every day from Google searches, Search Sounds mashes up sound effects into unexpected combinations. Each sound effect is accompanied by a playful animated visual, making it a multi-sensory experience. Once people browse the library and choose three sounds, the experience mixes them together into a song and creates a video they can download and share.

We pre-rendered all possible shareable combinations using ffmpeg, making each variation available instantly.

The result

After playing with Search Sounds, people were reminded that even though they use Google every day, they never know what unexpected information they’ll uncover in their next search. They were also reminded that there’s always more to a search term than they might think.

Grab your mobile and create your own mix here!