Bentley Centenary

In collaboration with





Bentley wanted to celebrate its 100th birthday by reflecting on a century of luxury excellence and looking ahead to the future.

So we partnered with UNIT9 and helped them create an interactive, mobile-first, interactive 3D website that showcased the car in it's purest visual form.

We smoothly combined the exterior with interior visualisation, allowing the user to instantly switch between their desired points of view.

Mobile first

The website was developer as mobile-first, ensuring that not only the car looks stunning and the animations are smooth on handheld devices, but also that the entire UX makes sense for smaller screens.

We have built the website in React and used THREE.js as the 3D engine.

60 FPS, insane interactivity and fast loading combined with the looks of the Bentley concept car resulted in an unforgettable digital experience.