WestRock @ Drinktec

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Le Polish Bureau, in collaboration with GPJ, successfully created an interactive installation for WestRock at the Drinktec trade fair. The project aimed to engage visitors in sustainability ideas by allowing them to vote for their preferred options on provided iPads with auxiliary visuals being shown on LED wall displays.


WestRock wanted to create an interactive installation at the Drinktec trade fair that would engage visitors and promote sustainability ideas. The installation needed to be visually appealing, interactive, and easy to use for the visitors.


The primary challenge of this project was the extremely tight timeline. The team had to deliver the installation within a few weeks, which was an ambitious target given the scale of the project. Another challenge was to make sure that the installation was user-friendly and interactive enough to attract visitors to participate.


The team used their solution called Event5 to deliver the event software. Event5 uses web technologies and workflows to deliver event software, allowing remote reviews, compatibility with on-site hardware, and remote updates and fixes without the need for on-site access.

This approach allowed the team to deliver the project in record times and minimize the on-site support needed. The installation was made visually appealing using LED panels that displayed animations and additional facts that were synchronized with the visitors' actions on the iPads.


The installation was a success, with many visitors engaging in the voting process and enjoying the interactive experience. The use of Event5 workflow allowed the client to have live and remote access to the questionnaire results, which provided valuable insights into the visitors' preferences and opinions on sustainability.